4 days in Paris

The City of Light, long the "beacon" for the world, holds an important place as the epicenter in the artistic and human history. From Leonardo da Vinci to Picasso, France has always been a land of welcome and support for artists from all over the world.


"Art gives to life as to the world flavor, meaning, and beauty".

Every country, people and culture has a shared heritage and language, a place and a time to express its identity and to make its way toward the light.

Art has the ability to renew intelligence, the mind, vision and hope of many. It touches hearts and prepares for encounters, reconciliation and change.


Faith drives us to dream, to take action, and to follow a path of trust, especially in artistic creation.

But what do you say? How? For whom? The task seems too big, too intimidating, and the means so weak: a few lines, a drawing, a story, an image, some sounds.

Yet it is indeed this faith, this hope, this renewed vision that the world desires to
satisfy its quest for meaning and beauty.

the City

Acts 17, the Apostle Paul visits Athens and soaks up the atmosphere of the city before speaking.

The city is the place of power, knowledge and exchange. It is where the life of tomorrow is created and where the culture and the mentality of the people are shaped.
Paris has always been a land of welcome and support for artists from all over the world.

Meet our Team

This is the #4th edition of the Paris Art Forum. First year theme was "Inspiration", second year was "Home", third year theme was "Invasion". Get ready for 2020 !

For the last two editions around 15 participants came from differents locations and backgrounds (Australia, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Korea, Switzerland, United States, South Africa).


La Fonderie

La Fonderie is a communty of christian artists established  in Paris since 2003.

Paris Team

B.R. Pons

B.R. is a french photographer and videographer. He is the present director of La Fonderie.


Richard van der Aa

Visual artist from New Zeland. Living in Paris since 2005, he is the director of ParisCONCRET.


Noémie Pons

Noémie is a french canadian painter from Montreal. She recently moved to Paris.


Paris Art Forum

5 days of gathering to inspire and renew artists to live out their calling to create.

Join us from june 18th to 22th 2020. The forum will be in English and French (with English translation).


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